New Carvex 420 Jigsaw Amazing Features. The New Carvex 420. Experience our newest jigsaw.
Making radius cuts with a jigsaw Crisp, clean cuts. Every single time. Start making beautiful, splinter-free cuts.

The New Carvex 420.

Watch this video to see for yourself why Festool makes the best jigssaw available.

Carvex 420 Jigsaw

Upgrade to unrivaled Festool jigsaw cut quality.

Maybe you've given up on the thought of a jigsaw being more than a tool for quick, rough cuts. Well, we believe the Festool Trion and Carvex jigsaws will change your mind!

There are two challenges that plague other jigsaws you may have experience using: cuts being perfectly perpendicular and preventing chipping. Our jigsaws have conquered both of those challenges while adding features and functionality that you never dreamed you'd find in a jigsaw. Perpendicular, splinter-free cuts are easy, once you own a Festool jigsaw.

Whether you choose the feature-rich Carvex 420 or the highly functional Trion 300, Festool jigsaws provide you with exceptional value that will immediately translate into high quality results and greater profitability.

Festool offers two jigsaw models to match your specific needs. The new Carvex 420 offers an unmatched feature-rich solution that leaves you wondering why you didn't upgrade to Festool sooner. The Trion 300 represents all of the core features that make Festool jigsaws the best in class at lower price.

Jigsaw perpendicular cuts

Caution, curves ahead.

Whether you're making laser precision straight cuts using the optional guide rail adapter or slaloming around tight twisties, you'll be blown away with the cut quality of Festool jigsaws.

The triple blade guidance system utilized by Festool jigsaws keeps your blade on course, even when cutting circles the diameter of your finger. That same guidance system also provides perpendicular cuts that you never thought were possible with a jigsaw in materials up to 4-3/4" thick.

Jigsaw precision and cut quality.

Have you ever made a cut in thick lumber with another brand of jigsaw and were left scratching your head because it looked like you used a curved blade? Well, that blade deflection is a thing of the past thanks to the triple blade guidance system of the Festool Trion and Carvex jigsaws.

Carbide jaws work in unison with the jigsaw's transmission to create multiple points that keep the blade perfectly straight throughout its entire stroke. So, you can make cuts in virtually any material up to 4-3/4" thick and have them coming out square with a Festool jigsaw. That's just one of the many ways that Festool jigsaws leave the competition in the dust.

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Experience Carvex jigsaw versatility.

With a well-rounded assortment of accessories, the Festool Carvex jigsaws provide a complete solution for virtually all of your most common sawing tasks. Whether you're processing plywood, thick lumber, scribing and coping, working with plastics, or even metals, your Festool jigsaw will exceed your expectations and those of your client.

Task-specific bases are available for the Carvex that make it extremely versatile for working with various materials, cutting on an angle or making circle or radius cuts. Choose from a range of Festool jigsaw blades that use universal T-shanks to match your application and material.

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Built to last. And last, and last.

Watch this short video demonstrating how Festool tests its jigsaws to stand up to your toughest demands. These tests are designed to put the tool through the most extreme conditions imaginable and represent our uncompromising commitment to durability.

Carvex torture tests video

Bright LEDs Lights

Seeing is believing.

Most cuts with a jigsaw involve following a less-than-straight cut line. The Carvex 420 jigsaws feature four high-intensity white LED lamps making visibility of your cut line crystal clear.

The LED lamps can be configured with three modes: always on, always off or stroboscopic. The latter makes the LEDs pulse at the same rate as the blade strokes, appearing to make the blade stand still during the cut.

That's just one of the features that leave other jigsaws in the Carvex's dust.

Crisp cuts, every time.

Can you tell which of these cuts was made with the Festool jigsaw? Other jigsaws provide no method for preventing chipping, especially in veneers and melamine, which results in poor cut quality, as in the top example.

The bottom cut is representative of a cut made with a Festool jigsaw with the splinterguard installed. The splinterguard employed by Festool's Trion and Carvex jigsaws prevents chipping and splintering, acting as a zero clearance for the blade.

Tear out in melamine

Buy with confidence.

Festool offers a risk free 30-day money back guarantee, so you can purchase our tools with the confidence that you'll be completely satisfied with your purchase. Coupled with Festool's commitment to manufacturing products of the highest level of quality covered by a comprehensive three-year warranty, and there's little reason not to consider adding a Festool jigsaw to your tool arsenal.