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Which is the best jigsaw? Ready. Fight!

As you can see in the comparison chart below, Festool jigsaws are undeniably the best jigsaws available. Having pioneered innovative jigsaw technology, Festool has had nearly half a century to refine and perfect its jigsaw to make them the best jigsaws on the market.

The best jigsaw offers the most features and functionality, superior dust collection, the broadest range of available accessories, and the best service and support. Considering those factors, Festool is the clear winner.

Below, we compare top-of-the-line jigsaws from Festool, Bosch, Makita, Dewalt and Milwaukee to see which offer the most comprehensive set of features and functionality, as well as the best specifications.

Carvex 420
Trion 300
True zero clearance splinterguard dot dot        
Perpendicular blade guidance dot dot dot    
Task-specific base system dot      
Stroboscopic LED lighting dot    
Brushless motor technology dot        
Angle cuts, outside corners dot dot dot dot dot dot
Angle cuts, inside corners dot        
Circle cutting accessory dot dot dot dot  
Track / guide rail adapter dot dot   dot  
Best range of accessories dot      
Removable Plug-It Cord dot dot      
Systainer modular storage dot dot        
Weight 4.2 lbs. 5.06 lbs. 5.1 lbs. 5.5 lbs. 6.4 lbs. 5.0 lbs.
Max. strokes per minute 3,800 2,900 2,800 2,800 3,100 3,000

* Competitors' information as published on 7/1/2013. Carvex weight shown for corded models, 5.1 lbs. for cordless models.

Torture testing.

Watch this short video demonstrating how Festool tests its jigsaws to stand up to your toughest demands. These tests are designed to put the tool through the most extreme conditions imaginable and represent our uncompromising commitment to durability.

Carvex torture tests video

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Jigsaw benefitsLearn some of the benefits of Festool jigsaws New Carvex 420Check out the new Carvex 420 by Festool

Festool makes the best jigsaw. But, don't take our word.

If the result of our work at Festool is not better than everything else on the market, we prefer not to come out with the tool at all. That is our philosophy on power tool design and the reason that the new Carvex 420 represents the best jigsaw available.

Jigsaw reviews and awards

Festool jigsaws have pushed the envelope in sawing technology, offering ground breaking features that have completely changed the expectations of what a jigsaw can do. The Carvex 420 incorporates many industry firsts, such as being the first jigsaw to use brushless motor technology, the tool-free base system, stroboscopic LEDs, the tool-free FastFix blade change system, and the triple blade guidance system for perfectly square cuts. In all, the Carvex has a dozen patented technologies to make it the most innovative and best jigsaw when compared to others.

Here are just a few examples of accolades received from our family of jigsaws over the years.

Still not convinced?

Research on the internet and you'll quickly discover a trend. Festool is highly regarded by professional woodworkers and recommended as the #1 power tool brand. While other manufacturers offer jigsaws, only Festool has the most extensive range of accessories, blades, features, capabilities, and full-unit HEPA dust extractors to complement your jigsaw. Festool has unparalleled service and support for its power tools, which are designed and manufactured in Germany.

No-risk 30 day guarantee.

What better way to decide if a Festool jigsaw is the right tool for you but to try it yourself? Well, you can do that. Festool offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all of its power tools. Get it, try it, and if it doesn't fully meet your expectations simply return it for a refund, less any applicable shipping.

Money back guarantee

The Woodworker Magazine

Festool Carvex PS 420 Jigsaw
May 2013, Pages 80-81

This new Carvex PS 420 jigsaw from Festool retains the distinctive features of the existing model, but this new machine pushes the boundaries even further in every application for which it's used. Festool's latest jigsaw has some clever new touches to put it above normal jigsawing application, with square cutting around tight curves one of the big selling points. Festool have certainly done their homework on the Carvex and it offers several innovations...

Professional Builder Magazine

Sawing is Believing
November 2012, Page 64

One problem with all jigsaws is seeing where you are going. If you are cutting curves then you have to rely on hand and eye coordination and you need to see the blade clearly. Here the rapid dust removal and stroboscopic light combine to give a clear view of the blade, which appears under the strobe to be still. This is a brilliant idea, but it gets better. The other thing that often makes you list the line is a blade that drifts. The three-position saw blade guide is a great help in constantly feeding the blade back in line even with pendulum selected. All this adds up to a jigsaw that Festool can be proud of.


A Better Breed of Jigsaws
September 2006, Pages 76-81

It's the smallest saw I tried, cuts smoothly, and handles like the expensive sports car it is. Its blade is only 1¼ inches from each edge of the base, an occassional lifesaver when cutting countertops for sinks.


JLC Online
by Victor Rasilla

Many tool companies produce good stand-alone jigsaws, but Festool's Trion model is a cut above. It has the advantage of being part of a system that includes optional dust exrtactor vacuums and straightedge cutting guides. I've been using the Trion PS 300 EQ for about six months, and it's superior to any other jigsaw I've used.

Inside Woodworking

Jigsaw Review Festool PS 300 EQ Trion

My rating for the Festool PS 300 EQ Trion Jigsaw: 5 of 5. This is a powerful jigsaw with an excellent blade guide system that guarantees precise straight cuts and no blade wander. It's integrated dust extraction hose makes this Festool Trion PS 300 EQ jigsaw extremely easy to connect with any vacuum.

Taunton Press

In Search of a Plumb Cut, Product Review

Good choice! When used with the sacrificial blade guide and Festool’s Trion blades this baby don’t stutter. It attacked the oak like it was hot butter. This tool now has a special spot hanging on the edge of my bench within easy reach. it’s great for cutting stock to rough length and I don’t have to clean the junk off my tablesaw. There is a God in Heaven.

Woodworkers Institute

F&C Competition
March 2013, Page 47

With 3,800 strokes per minute, the new Carvex PS 420 from Festool is a powerful machine. A redesigned lifting mechanism guide and parallel adjustable carbide jaws that serve as a third guide are responsible for the increase in percision. They guarantee absolute directional stability of the saw blade and maintain a high degree of percision when cutting preset angles, irrespective of the material composition.

Fine Woodworking

Tool Guide 2007, Page 42

With an overall grade of A-, the Festool Trion was one of the best jigsaws tested by Fine Woodworking in its annual Tool Guide. With the new features and capabilities of the Carvex 420, we expect it to rate well in this year's 2013 Tool Guide.

Woodworkers Journal

Testing Seven Top-Shelf Jigsaws
June 2011, Pages 44-52

This is a well-featured saw built by a company with a reputation for power tools that stand up to rigorous professional use.

When testing cut speed, the Festool Trion turned in the fastest average time: 2.74 seconds, notable because this saw doesn't have the highest-amperage motor or fastest blade stroke speed in this group of jigsaws.

I found the Bosch and Festool consistently produced the least vibration when cutting a variety of wood types and thicknesses with a variety of blades.


Best Reviewed, Jigsaws

For outstanding precision, ergonomics and dust control, reviews recommend the corded Festool Trion PSB300 EQ as the best jigsaw. Comparison tests show that both the top-handled and barrel-grip versions provide low vibration and precision even in tight curves on thick wood, and reviews say blade changes are easy and convenient. Dust gets extracted through the Festool jigsaw's baseplate in a unique, effective way – connecting with the top-ranked Festool shop vac. Optional circle-cutting and straight guide-rail systems are also available. This German tool brand has an excellent reputation for design and build quality...